Richard Rawlings Net Worth

Richard Rawlings Net Worth

Richard Rawlings (Fort Worth, March 30, 1969) is an entrepreneur, automotive driver, mechanic, and US celebrity. As a star of the reality TV shows Fast N ‘ Loud on the Discovery Channel, Rawlings earns $ 50,000 per episode, and Richard Rawlings net worth is $15 million. He is also the owner of the Gas Monkey Garage, as well as the Gas Monkey Bar N ‘Grill and the Gas Monkey Live Music Venues in Dallas, Texas. Moreover, since 2016 also of Richard Rawlings Garage. Until December 2016 he led the Fast N ‘Loud program.

In 2014 and 2015, Rawlings appeared in some TV commercials for the US national networks, promoting Dodge vehicles and financing for their purchase.

Richard Rawlings History

Rawlings was born in Fort Worth, Texas, on March 30, 1969. As a kid, he took his first footsteps in various automotive events with his father and thanks to him he began to get passionate about car construction, he bought his first car at the age 14 years. In the following years, he graduated from Eastern Hills High School and worked in law enforcement, as a firefighter and paramedic. In 1999,  Rawlings opened the Lincoln Press,  a printing company.

Gas Monkey Garage

In 2002 Rawlings inaugurated the Gas Monkey Garage, subsequently selling, in 2004, the Lincoln Press. This workshop creates and transports custom cars for its customers all over the world. Since 2012, the structure has become the focus of the Discovery Channel series Fast N ‘ Loud, now in its sixth season, with 81 episodes.

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Gas Monkey Bar N ‘Grill

In September 2013, Rawlings inaugurated the Gas Monkey Bar N ‘Grill in Northwest Dallas, a restaurant that also plays live music. There is also a second location at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, opened in March 2014. Rawlings has expressed a desire to open a third Texas location in the future, outside of Fort Worth metropolitan area of Dallas.

Gas Monkey Live

In October 2014, the Gas Monkey Live was opened, a venue mainly dedicated to living music.


On May 12, 2015, Rawlings published his first autobiography, entitled: Fast N ‘Loud: Blood, Sweat, and Beers.

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Richard Rawlings Garage

In 2002, Rawlings propelled Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, offering Lincoln Press in 2004. The shop made vehicles for clients around the world. Since 2012, the office has been the focal point of the Discovery Channel arrangement Fast N’ Loud.

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