Chris Brown Net Worth

Chris Brown is among the famous hip-hop artists and has earned a lot of fame. According to the website celebrity net worth, Chris Brown’s current net worth is approximately $55 Million. He has lots of expensive brands in his car collection; you can say that he spends money on his desires.

Who is Chris Brown?

Chris Brown is a famous United States singer, songwriter, and actor. He was Born in Tappahannock, Virginia, on May 4, 1989. He was involved in his church choir and several local talent shows from a young age. Having signed with Jive Records in 2004, Chris Brown launched his self-debut studio album in the same year.

It peaked at Variety two on the US Billboard hundred and changed into later licensed double platinum through the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), promoting a typical 3 million copies globally.

With his first single “Run It!” peaking at the top US Billboard Hot 100, Brown became the first male artist as a lead Diddy in 1997 to have his debut single top the chart.

His second album Exclusive (2007) spawned his 2nd Hot hundred number one “Kiss Kiss,” further to “With You” and “Forever.” The album was additionally certified double platinum by the RIAA.

In addition to his solo commercial achievement, Brown has been featured on numerous singles of “No Air”, a duet with singer Jordin Sparks, “Shortie like Mine” with the rapper Bow Wow, and “Shawty Get Loose” along with Lil Mama and T-Pain. The songs have peaked at wide variety 3, number 9, and ten on the US Billboard Hot hundred respectively.

Chris Brown’s Spending Worth

What cars does Chris Brown own?

Here is the list of the cars that Chris Brown owns:

  • Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder
  • Lamborghini Aventadors
  • Porsche Panamera
  • Range Rover
  • Porsche Turbo S
  • Chevy Impala

How much are Chris Brown’s cars worth?

Chris Brown Net Worth

Chris Brown drives a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder well worth $220,000. He additionally owns Lamborghini Aventadors well worth almost $393,695, a Porsche Panamera well worth $187,583, a Range Rover worth $93,000, a Porsche Turbo S well worth almost $162,85, and a Chevy Impala worth almost $28,770.

Where is Chris Brown House located?

Chris Brown’s worth has been on the upward push through. This permits him to live a relaxed lifestyle. Chris Brown Houses located in:

  • Hollywood Hills
  • Los Angeles
  • California

Where does Chris Brown have a house?

List of Chris Brown’s house’s Addresses:

  • Chris Brown’s House – West Hollywood

Address: 8265 Fountain Ave #401 Hollywood Hills, CA 90046 (Hollywood – California)

  • Chris Brown’s House – Hollywood Hills

Home Address: 2738 Rinconia Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90068 (Los Angeles – California)

How Much Money Does Chris Brown Make From Concert?

You will be taken aback after listening to that Chris Brown earned $11.6 million from his live shows on the countrywide & international stage both in his tours in 2006 & 2007 also made $8.9 million from his live shows which is not a small quantity. And almost his 39 % comes from his concert events annually.

How Much Does Chris Brown Earn Yearly?

Chris Brown’s yearly estimated net worth is:

How was the Chris Brown’s Early Life?

Christopher Maurice Brown was born on 5 May 1989 in the small town of Tappahannock, in the State of Virginia. He is the brother of an older sister, Lytrell Bundy, a banker. Music has always been present in Brown’s life since childhood. He regularly listened to soul albums owned by his parents, and then finally focused on hip-hop.

Brown learned to dance and sing and often quotes Michael Jackson as his inspiration. He later became a church chorister, and then took part in various talent shows. Then he sang the title My Way by Usher, his mother recognized the talent of his son, and both were trying to find a label.

At the same time, Brown is having family problems. His parents divorced, and his mother suffered the domestic violence of his new companion, which traumatized Chris. At the age of 13 years, Brown, a young singer, was discovered by a production team, Hitmission Records, who was visiting the gas station with his father in the hope of finding young talent.

The group records a demo and sends it to various contacts in New York to try to get a contract. Chris Brown moved to New York for a while. In 2004, Tina Davis, manager at Def Jam at the time, discovered Chris who worked with local producers.

She adored what she heard and saw when he auditioned at the offices of the Def Jam label in New York. Tina immediately took him to meet the director of the name who made him sign a contract the same day. “I knew Chris had real talent,” says Tina Davis, “I just wanted to contribute. ”

The negotiations with Def Jam lasted two months before Tina Davis lost his job. Chris Brown then asked him to become his manager, and she accepted. She then began to promote Chris on labels such as Jive Records, J Records, and Warner Bros.

In an interview, Mark Pitts, president of the Jive Records label, to HitQuaters, says that Davis showed all the labels a video of Chris Brown, and his reaction was: “I saw the potential. I did not like all the songs, but I loved his voice. It was not a problem because I knew he could sing and I knew how to make good songs.

” Chris Brown chose Jive Records through labor success came with their new artists such as Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. “I chose Jive because they had the best success with young artists in the field of pop, I knew that I was going to capture the attention of African Americans, but Jive had a lot of influence in the field of pop with the longevity of careers.

Chris Brown Career

After all the information you got from this article, do you want to know about Chris Brown’s Career? I know it should be Yes.

Okay, then let’s dig in,

1989–2004: Early years

Christopher Morris Brown was born on May 5, 1989, in a small town in Tappahannock, Virginia. His mother is the former daycare center director Joyce Hawkins. ), his father is the local prisoner Clinton Brown. As the youngest couple of the couple, he also has a sister who works in the bank. Music has been an essential element of Brown’s life since childhood.

He used to admire the collection of soul music by his parents, but eventually Brown became interested in hip-hop. Brown learned to sing and dance on his own and often used Michael Jackson as his role model. He later began to participate in the performance of the church choir and also participated in several local talent show programs.

While mimicking the return of Arthur’s kid, his mother realized his son’s voice talent and began to look for a record for him. At the same time, Brown encountered many personal problems. His parents have divorced at this time. He said that his mother’s boyfriend always carries out domestic violence against his mother, which makes him feel that he has been in fear.

At the age of 13, when a local production team was looking for a newcomer, they came to the gas station run by Brown’s father and discovered Brown’s talent. Subsequently, Brown moved to New York. In 2004, Brown, who was working with local producers, was unearthed by Tina Davis, then senior director of Def Jam Records A&R.

She was very satisfied with Brown’s performance during the interview and immediately introduced Brown to Antonio Reid, the former president of the Island Def Jam Music Group. The latter decided to sign a contract with Brown on the same day. “I know that Chris has real talent,” Davis said. “I know I want to be part of showing his talent.”

Negotiations with Def Jam lasted for two months when Davis lost his position due to the company’s reorganization, and Brown invited her to be her own agent. Davis accepted this position and began to “sell” Brown to brands such as Jive Records, J Records, and Warner Bros. Records.

In the end, Brown chose Jive Records, which was successful with young singers Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Brown said, “The reason I chose Jive is that they have achieved great success in the pop music market and young artists…. I know I can attract (African-American) fans, but Jive has strong pop music. Strength can also guarantee the artist’s reputation to last.”

2005–06: First place

After signing Jive Records in 2004, Brown began recording in February 2005. By May, 50 songs had been recorded, 14 of which were selected for the final album song list. Brown worked with some producers and composers – including Scott Storch, Cool & Dre, and Jazze Pha – and thought they “really have confidence in him.”

Brown also participated in the production of the album, in which five songs were co-written by the singer, and his name was added. “I write about what 16-year-olds will experience every day,” Brown said. “For example, if you get into trouble with your girlfriend slipping into your home, or you won’t drive, you run to steal a car, and so on.

” The album took less than 8 weeks to complete the transfer and was released on November 29, 2005. Titled the album ” Chris Brown ” after the release of the Billboard 200 ranking second in the first week sold 154,000 copies. Chris Brown achieved commercial success with 2 million copies sold across the United States and 3 million worldwide.

The album’s title song “Run It!” makes Brown the first male singer to be on the top of the list since 1995. The song is then held in the first position. It took 4 weeks. The other three singles, “Yo (Excuse Me Miss),” “Gimme That,” and “Say Goodbye” were among the top 20 in the same ranking. Brown released a DVD, On June 13, 2006, called Chris Brown’s Journey, which included his travels in England and Japan, preparing for the first Grammy Awards, part of the music TV. Make pieces such as tidbits.

On August 17, 2006, to further promote the album, Brown began a tour called “The Up Close and Personal Tour.” Due to the tour, his next album was postponed for two months. Of the ticket revenues for the tour, $50,000 was donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

2007–08: Exclusive

Brown starred in UPN‘s series “One on One” and participated in the first episode of the N channel (now renamed Teen Nicks) “Brandon T. Jackson Show” Production.

Also, he played a small role in the fourth season of Fox Broadcasting‘s TV series ” Orange County ” in January 2007.  Brown’s first film experience was in the 2007 film “Stomp the Yard,” and also featured in the film, also by Nio, Meagan Good, and Columbus. Short).

Brown then starred in the family movie “This Christmas,” which was released on November 21, 2007. On July 9, 2007, Brown appeared in the MTV reality show “My Super Sweet 16” (for this reason, the program was specifically renamed “Chris Brown: My Super 18”), recording his celebration in New York City 18 The process of his birthday. Brown also appeared in Disney‘s “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.”

Shortly after the end of the summer tour with Nio, Brown quickly began the production of his second album. “Exclusive” was released in November 2007 and ranked fourth on the leaderboard, with a total of 294,000 copies sold in the first week, selling 1.9 million copies in the United States.

According to MTV News, Brown once said: “I still want young fans to continue listening to my music, but I also prepared some songs for the elderly.” The album’s first single “Wall to Wall” is on the singles list. Ranked 96th, the highest reached 79, and ranked 22 in the R&B and Hip Hop charts, becoming his lowest ranking so far.

The “Kiss Kiss,” which cooperated with T-Pain, was the second single released. This single was more successful and climbed to the top of the Billboard Top 100 list.

On November 4, 2007, Brown released “The Exclusive” third single “With You,” which was created by Stargate. “With You” is on the singles list and is on the multi-national music list, including New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, Cyprus, Ireland, France, the UK, Malaysia, and Australia.

On July 3, 2008, seven months after the original release, Brown released the luxury version of Exclusive, named “Eternal Edition.” Four new songs have been attached to the new version, with “Forever” on the second single.

In support of the sale of his album, Brown began a tour called “The Exclusive Holiday,” which performed in more than 30 locations across the United States.

The tour began in Cincinnati, Ohio, and ended in Honolulu, Hawaii, from December 6, 2007, until February 9, 2008.

The film recording of the tour was released on June 3, 2008, as the second disc of Exclusive:

The Forever Edition. He performed “With You” at the Black Entertainment TV Awards Ceremony in June 2008, and then danced with Ciara under the accompaniment of “Take You Down.”

After that, Brown again, and The Game with the interpretation of Nas’s unnamed album “Make the World Go Round” song, the album of The Game and Cool & Dre co-production.

He also played with Luan Chris‘s single “What Them Girls Like” with Sean Garrett, which was included in Ludacris’s album “Theater of the Mind.” “in. He collaborated with T-Pain on the third single “Freeze” of his new album “Thr33 Ringz”. ” Billboard ” magazine called Brown the top artist of 2008.

2008-09: Graffiti

Since 2008, Brown has been preparing for the release of the next album.

According to him, he will try out a new musical style in the new album Graffiti (Graffiti) to catch up with the predecessors Prince and Michael Jackson. He said: “I want to change, giving people a new feeling. Like my current style, I am not a typical urban style. I imagine Prince, Michael and Steve Wanda. They can control any style. Music.”

On September 29, 2009, Brown released Graffiti’s main single “I Can Transform Ya” in a digital version. The single’s music TV was on MTV on October 27. Release.

The album’s next single was called “Crawl” and was released on November 13, 2009.

The album will be released on December 15, 2009.  After the release of Graffiti, it ranked 7th in the Billboard’s 200 album list and reached the top in the R&B/Puhu album list.

However, the overall sales of the album are not satisfactory.

On June 27, 2010, Chris Brown presented the annual awards ceremony for the Black American Entertainment TV. To commemorate Michael Jackson that night, Brown performed several of Michael Jackson’s famous songs, and he couldn’t control his emotions when he sang “Man in the Mirror.”

In a speech later that evening, Brown said, “I have let everyone down, but I will never be in the future… I promise.”  Brown’s performance, Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine Jackson, as well as including P. Diddy, Trey Songz are affirmed.

In May 2010, Brown ‘s “Fan of a Fan” was released in collaboration with Tyga. Among them, “Deuces,” which was performed together with Tyga and Kevin Mackay, was released in the United States on June 29, 2010.

The song ranked in the National R&B/Hip Hops list for 7 weeks, which is the first time Brown has won a single after the 2006 “Say Goodbye.”  In the Billboard singles chart hundred on, the song ranked 14.

2010-2011: “FAME.”

In August 2010, Brown starred in the criminal suspense film “The Robber,” along with Paul Walker, Matt Dillon, Idris Elba, Hayden Christensen, and TI. Brown is also the executive producer of the film.

When the radio station KPEZ hosted the show, Brown announced his fourth album titled “FAME” (Forgiving All My Enemies, meaning “forgive all my enemies”).  On March 18, 2011, the album was launched on the Bulletin 200 Top 100 album. The first week of sales was 270,000, which is Brown’s first album.

“Yeah 3x” is the first single off the album, released on October 25, 2010.

In the United States and Canada, the song ranked the top 15 in the rankings.

In Australia and New Zealand also ranked in the top five and obtained platinum sales certification in both countries.

The second single “Look at Me Now” with Little Wayne and Basta Yun was released in January 2011,  the list of the song performed well, in the bulletin board The rhythm and blues/hip-hop list and the rap list are both on the top, reaching the sixth place on the top 100 singles chart.

The third and fourth singles of the album are “Beautiful People” and “She Ain’t You.” To promote the album, Brown will start a tour in April 2011, first in Australia.

At the 2011 Black Entertainment Television Awards, Brown won six nominations and won five of them, including the Best Rhythm and Blues Artist, Audience Choice Award, Fandemonium Award, Recent Collaboration Track, and Annual Music Recording Award.

He also won three awards at the 2011 Black Entertainment TV Hip-Hop Award.

At the Soul Train Music Awards 2011, FAME won the annual album award. The album also won three Grammy nominations for Brown including the best rhythm and blues album, best rap performance and best rap song (“Look At Me Now”).

On October 7, 2011, RCA Music Group announced the dissolution of Jive Records, Arista Records and J Records. Affected by this, including Brown, all future works of artists signed with these three brands will be released through RCA Records.

2012: Fortune

On November 18th, 2011, Brown’s new album “Strip” was released with Kevin McCall.  The album’s first single “Turn Up the Music” was released on February 14, 2012.  On July 3, 2012, Brown’s fifth album, Fortune, went on sale and was on the top of the Billboard Top 200 album.  But the album’s reputation among music critics is not good.

2013 to present: “X.”

Brown’s sixth album, “X” (formerly named Carpe Diem), was released on September 16, 2014.

The first single “Fine China” was released on April 1, 2013, and was sent to the radio on April 9.

The first week of “X” ranked second in the Billboard of the Billboard, with sales of 145,644.

On August 9, 2013, Brown’s seizure was reported. When emergency personnel arrived at the scene, Brown allegedly refused to receive treatment and refused to go to the local hospital. Brown had had epileptic symptoms in his childhood. The next day, Brown’s spokesperson said that epilepsy was caused by “long-term unwarranted legal disputes and extreme fatigue and severe emotional stress caused by the never-ending negative reports.”

On February 24, 2015, Brown teamed up with Tyga to release an album called “Fan of a Fan: The Album.” This is the sequel to their 2010 Fan of a Fan mix.  In early 2015, Brown and Cui Wei started the “Between The Sheets Tour” tour.

Chris Brown’s Case of Domestic

The 8 of February of 2009, the singer Rihanna would make a performance at the ceremony 51st Grammy Awards but would have been canceled, supposedly because of a traffic accident.

Following soon was given the news that Chris Brown, her longtime boyfriend, would have assaulted Rihanna, using punches, kicks, and bites, that it would have taken the singer to the hospital.

Regarding this episode, actress Jessica Alba made relevance to current cases of domestic violence, need more attention so that they can be tackled more efficiently. An investigation is now underway to find out what happened.

On March 5, Chris Brown had the hearing and was tried for assaulting the singer. The singer’s lawyer said she did not want any protection from the singer.

In May 2009, it was alleged that photos of the nude singer would have been posted on the Internet, reinforcing a thesis of attempted revenge of the singer’s ex-boyfriend. Still unsure of who the singer is in the photographs, there are rumors that her publisher, Def Jam had asked for the material to be taken off the Internet. Still, other versions of the story were told, such as the fact that the photographs were not from the singer, and image editors would have compared photos of the singer’s height and would have noticed the absence of tattoos.

It is believed that it was the singer and ex-boyfriend of the singer, Brown that for revenge will have sold the photos, to reinforce the story later this month, were placed embarrassing pictures of the singer, who allegedly would have been Rihanna to give them away.

Also in May, the fourth hearing of the domestic violence case took place, and a fifth hearing was scheduled to hear the testimony, including Rihanna who testified at the preliminary hearing if the trial followed.

The result of the trial could lead to five years of imprisonment of the singer for allegedly assaulting and threatening the singer.

The singer confessed that he had beaten the ex-girlfriend, being sentenced to five years probation and six months of community work.

He was also warned that if not kept within fifty meters of singer and did not fulfill the agreement in court, could be sentenced to four years in prison closed regime.

List of Chris Brown Relationships (Girlfriends / Spouse)

Chris Brown with long love list, its not a strange thing. He can fall in love with any other girl LOL…!!!

Lit of Chris brown Girlfriends and Spouse:


Is It True Rihanna Wants to make peace with Chris Brown?

Rihanna reportedly desires to make peace with Chris Brown, according to Celebrity Insider reports.

“She feels her tale with Chris Brown isn’t always carried out yet and they both have some unfinished business. Rihanna believes they’ve both matured and grown a lot since that they have been in love. While she’s not thinking about ever courting Chris Brown right now, they live in contact, and she is thinking about meeting Chris for dinner.”

“She feels that while Chris may additionally have achieved some terrible things to her, there are nonetheless matters she’s no longer happy with that she in no way apologized for. She’d like to clear the air with Chris Brown. She’s usually had a special place for him in her coronary heart and, if they could start over, she’d like to paintings with him inside the studio again, too.”

Chris Brown Best Known For

Chris Brown is quite known for his studio albums. He is best known till date for his smash single “Run It!” from his first studio album “Chris Brown.”

Chris Brown Studio Albums

Chris Brown Awards & Nominations

In 2006, Brown received 23 nominations and won 9 of them, including TV’s ” Yo (Excuse Me Miss) ” at the BET Awards, Male Artist of the Year, at the Billboard Music Awards ; Best New Artist at the NAACP Image Awards , Men’s Choice at the Teen Choice Awards , Best New Artist R & B / Soul at the Soul Train Music Awards , Fake ID Award at the TRL Awards and Best R & B Video for “Run It!” at the MTV Australia Awards . In 2007 he received two nominations for the Grammy Awards, including that of “Breakthrough Artist.”
In 2008, Brown was nominated for Billboard’s second time as “Artist of the Year”, received 41 nominations and won 16 including.

• Favorite Pop / Rock Male Artist, Artist of the Year and Soul / R & B Male Artist at the American Music Awards
• Best Male R & B Artist at BET Awards, Best Breakthrough Video for ” No Air ” at BET Pre-Awards

• Best International Artist and Best R & B / Soul Album at the MOBO Awards
• At the MTV Video Music Awards Best Male Video for “With You”
• Best Male Artist at the NAACP Image Awards
• Male Singer Favorite at Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards,
• Best R & B Artist at the Ozone Awards
• Choice Music Hookup for “No Air”, Musical Choice: Male Artist, Musical Choice: R & B Artist, Musical Choice: R & B

Band for “Forever” and Musical Choice: Rap / Hip-Hop ” Shawty Get Loose ” at the Teen Choice Awards. In 2010He won the AOL Fandemonium Awards at the BET Awards. He was nominated three times in 2011 for the Grammy. In 2012 he won the Top R & B Artist award at the Billboard Music Awards and won the Grammy for best R & B album with FAME.

Is it Rumor or True Chris brown has a Daughter?

In 2015 appeared on the internet the broadcast that Brown was the father of a girl of 9 months. According to, the baby’s mother named Nia is a 31-year-old retired model. She would have related for a long time to Chris Brown, who never publicly took over the dating.

The “TMZ” also reported that sources linked to Chris Brown said the artist maintains a good relationship with his daughter’s mother, despite the unplanned pregnancy. According to the source, he would be delighted with paternity. The singer’s girlfriend, model Karrueche Tran, broke up with Brown after the news broke, raising further rumors that Brown was hiding the paternity of everyone.

Days later Brown assumed that he was a father in a post on a social network with photos of his daughter, called Royalty. “God has blessed me with another of me,” Brown said. In September Brown got his daughter’s joint custody in court.

Collection of Chris Brown Quotes

Take a look at this impressive collection of inspirational Chris Brown quotes we’ve put collectively today, from the hip-hop legend himself.

  1. “I want to meet someone who doesn’t already think they know me.” – Chris Brown
  2. “Never assume you know what’s going on in someone’s life, unless you heard it straight from the source.” – Chris Brown
  3. “Body is a blessing; ain’t no second guessing.” – Chris Brown
  4. “Follow your dreams, just make sure you have fun too.” – Chris Brown
  5. “How do you let it go when you… you just don’t know… what’s on the other side of the door? Talk about it…” – Chris Brown
  6. “Look at me now. I’m getting paper!” – Chris Brown
  7. “My tattoos complement my attitude.” – Chris Brown
  8. “So please don’t judge me and I won’t judge you ’cause it could get ugly before it gets beautiful.” – Chris Brown
  9. “A relationship is not based on the length of time you spent together. It’s based on the foundation you built together.” – Chris Brown
  10. “Take me as I am, not who I was.” – Chris Brown
  11. “I don’t know your name but excuse me miss, I saw you from across the room. And I got to admit that you got my attention.” – Chris Brown
  12. “If I had the minutes, I would turn ‘em into hours and make love to your mind not your body instead.” – Chris Brown
  13. “Listen to your heart. Girl you know we should be apart. Baby I just can’t do it, and sometimes it makes me wanna cry.” – Chris Brown
  14. “Rollin round, up and down, up in this bed. I don’t want you to forget.” – Chris Brown
  15. “There’s never a right time to say goodbye. But I gotta make the first move ’cause if I don’t you’re gonna start hating me.” – Chris Brown
  16. “Wave to the haters like nanananana.” – Chris Brown
  17. “Even when my world’s falling down, I still wear a smile.” – Chris Brown
  18. “Never let a couple of good memories make you move backwards. Look ahead and move on.” – Chris Brown
  19. “One o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock, four. Hope you come back for more.” – Chris Brown
  20. “People change, things go wrong. Just remember, life goes on.” – Chris Brown
  21. “Everywhere that I’ve been, the only thing I see is beautiful people.” – Chris Brown
  22. “I don’t wanna see you cry, but I don’t wanna be the one to tell you a lie…” – Chris Brown
  23. “Me and my people do it big out in public, ’cause if you don’t do it big, you ain’t doing nothing.” – Chris Brown
  24. “You’ll regret the day when I find another girl.” – Chris Brown
  25. “Amplify your life, not status. Trust no one. There is always a plot and motive.” – Chris Brown
  26. “Be careful who you trust and tell your problems to.” – Chris Brown
  27. “If you’re not happy being single, you’ll never be happy in a relationship. Get your own life, then share it.” – Chris Brown
  28. “Haters keep on hating cause somebody’s gotta do it.” – Chris Brown
  29. “I ain’t afraid to drown if that means I’m deep up in your ocean.” – Chris Brown
  30. “I can definitely show you things that’s gonna have you saying I can’t be 16.” – Chris Brown
  31. “I get what you get in 10 years, in two days.” – Chris Brown
  32. “I’m gonna still buy gifts til she won’t turn none of them down. But she doesn’t want anything from me and she gonna change her last name. She can’t wait to be Mrs. Brown.” – Chris Brown
  33. “It’s hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.” – Chris Brown
  34. “You can’t be old and wise if you were never young and crazy.” – Chris Brown

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