Mike Tyson Net Worth

Mike Tyson Net Worth Is $3 Million


Mike Tyson Net Worth

Mike Tyson Net Worth

Mike Tyson is an American former boxer. Mike Tyson born on June 30, 1966, in Brooklyn. Mike Tyson Net Worth is $300 Million as of 17 June 2016, But now Mike Tyson Net Worth is $3 Million. His father was Jimmy Kirkpatrick and mother was Lorna Smith Tyson. Rodney and Denise were his siblings. His nickname is Iron Mike. Mike Tyson turned into the world champion in heavyweight three times and at the age of 20 the youngest heavyweight champion ever. He is seen as a brutal boxer, and outside the ring, his explosive temper brought him into contact with the law several times.

Mike Tyson Net Worth & Personal Detail

Name Michael Gerard Tyson
Nick Name Iron

Kid Dynamite

The Baddest Man on the Earth

Birth Date June 30, 1966
Birth Place Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S
Horoscope Cancer


Fights 58
Wins 50
Win by knockout 44
Nationality: American
Marital status Lakiha Spicer (2009)

Monica Turner (1997–2003)

Robin Givens (1988–1989)

Weight: 109 kg
Height: 5 ft. 10 inch (1.78 m)
Net Worth $3 Million

Mike Tyson’s Special Features

Mike Tyson had an early physical development. At 12 years old he weighed more than 80 kg, with well-built muscles for a boy; at 15, he was already a swift and knockout heavyweight; at 18, not even his coach stood; at age 20, became world champion, the youngest heavyweight to achieve this feat. Apparently, there would be consequences for such performance in such a short period. So when Tyson turned 30, it was already apparent that he was also losing his physical strength early on, and his devastating knockout season and world titles came to an end.

Youth and Amateur Career 

Mike Tyson spent a difficult youth in the Brownsville ghetto. Violence is present even in the relationship between his mother and his stepfather. It will reveal in 2014 have also been abducted and sexually abused for seven years by an unknown. From the age of eight, he fell into delinquency. Following several offenses, it is placed at the Tryon School , a reform school in Johnstown where he was noticed by Bobby Stewart keeper, former boxer and former winner of the Golden Gloves from 1974 in light heavyweight, to which do not escape the athletic capacities of Tyson, (aged 13, it already weighs 80 kg ). Stewart has Tyson placed in Cus d’Amato, a former coach of champions Floyd Patterson and José Torres, who has been converted to helping underprivileged youth, to whom he teaches boxing. Under the tutelage of D’Amato who becomes a spiritual father for Tyson. Tyson, living in Catskill from 1979 and quickly became the best student of the septuagenarian coach, who predicted that “If he works hard, he will be one-day world heavyweight champion”. In 1981, during the final of the Junior Olympic tournament in the United States, class heavyweights, he knocked Joe Cortez in the first round after only eight seconds of the bout. He will be the winner of this tournament in 1981 and 1982. In 1983, he failed in the final of the golden gloves in the super-heavyweight class beaten by Craig Payne (who also beat Cuban Teófilo Stevenson, triple Olympic champion in the category of heavyweight). That same year, Tyson won the heavyweight tournament in the Ohio Fair-State and will be the under-19 heavyweight champion, a performance he will re-release in 1984, the same year he won. The golden gloves in the heavyweight category. However, he is beaten in the final points of the Olympic selections by Henry Tillman, and the rematch between the two men will give the same result. For Tyson, the disappointment was complete when it was Tyrell Biggs (world champion heavyweight in Munich in 1982 and silver medalist at the Pan American Games in 1983) who was chosen to represent the United States in the category of super heavyweight. Tyson consoled himself by winning the gold medal at the Tampere tournament in Finland in the heavyweight category. The following year after playing 54 amateur bouts for 48 wins and six losses, Tyson went professional, under the management of Jim Jacobs and his partner Bill Cayton.

Professional Wrestling

On January 12, 2010, edition of RAW, professional wrestling American show, Mike Tyson was chosen as guest host and central event participant at night: A fight with Chris Jericho against D-Generation X.

In the middle of the fight Hornswoggle invades the fight and Tyson tags with Jericho, but when Jericho hits Hornswoggle Mike appears behind him and then removes his black shirt and appears one of the DX and when Jericho looks back Tyson punches him. On this day, during the program, he was considered a member of DX and at the end of the program, a former member.


On May 25, 2009, Mike Tyson’s girl, Exodus Tyson, just four years old, suffered a fatal domestic accident: her neck was rolled up in a rope attached to an electrical treadmill in the family home and was taken alive to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, did not withstand severe injuries and died shortly after medical treatment.

Mike Tyson Net Worth & bankruptcy

After several years of financial hardship In August 2003, Mike Tyson filed for bankruptcy, although in his career he has collected more than $ 300 million in caches and awards. He even stated that he had at least $ 23 million in debt. In addition to all the economic woes, he was named by Ring magazine as number 16, right after Sonny Liston, among the top 100 boxers of all time. Now Mike Tyson Net Worth is $3 Million.

Mike Tyson’s Titles & Records

Junior Olympic tournament in 1981.
Junior Olympic tournament in 1982.
Gold Gloves runner-up in the heavyweights in 1983.
Gold medal in the national sub-19 Championship in 1983.
Gold medal in the national U-19 Championship in 1984.
Champion of the Golden Gloves in the heavyweights in 1984.
Tournament Champion Tammer in 1984.
Champion from August 1, 1987 until February 11, 1990 of the three world belts (WBA, WBC and IBF).
Champion of the World Boxing Council from November 22, 1986 until February 11, 1990 and from March 16, 1996 to 1997 that became vacant.
Champion of the World Boxing Association from March 7, 1987 to February 11, 1990 and from September 7, 1996 to November 9, 1996.
Champion of the International Boxing Federation from August 1, 1987 until February 11, 1990.
Record as the youngest world champion in the history of heavyweights with 20 years and 4 months.
Boxer of the year by The Ring magazine in 1988.
Sports personality of the year by the BBC in 1989.
Promise of the year by The Ring magazine in 1985.
WWE Hall of Fame (2012)

Mike Tyson’s Films

Year Film Role
1988 Badland the bouncer of a nightclub
1998 Black and White himself
2001 Crocodile Dundee 3 himself
2006 Rocky Balboa himself
2009 Very Bad Trip himself
2011 Very Bad Trip 2 himself
2013 Scary Movie 5 himself
2014 The Portes du soleil 64 himself
2014 Return match himself
2015 Ip Man 3 Franck
2017 Kickboxer: Retaliation NC

Mike Tyson’s TV Series

Year Television series Role
2010 Entourage (season 7 episode 5) Himself.
2011 Breaking In (season 1 episode 7) Himself.
2013 New York Special Unit (Season 14 Episode 13) Reggie Rhodes.
2013 How I Met Your Mother (saison 8 épisode 16) Himself.

Mike Tyson’s Combat Chart 

Res. Record Opponent Kind Rd., Weather Data Local
Defeat 50-6 (2) Republic of Ireland Kevin McBride WHO 6 (10), 3:00 2005-06-11 U.S Washington, DC
Defeat 50-5 (2) United Kingdom Danny Williams KO 4 (10), 2:51 2004-07-30 U.S Louisville, KY
victory 50-4 (2) U.S Clifford Etienne KO 1 (10), 0:49 2003-02-22 U.S Memphis (Tennessee), TN
Defeat 49-4 (2) United Kingdom Lennox Lewis KO 8 (12), 2:25 2002-06-08 U.S Memphis, TN
victory 49-3 (2) Denmark Brian Nielsen Withdrawal 7 (10), 3:00 2001-10-13 Denmark Copenhagen, Dinamarca
NC 48-3 (2) Poland Andrew Golota Withdrawal 3 (10) 2000-10-20 U.S Auburn Hills, MI
victory 48-3 (1) U.S Lou Savarese WHO 1 (10), 0:38 2000-06-24 Scotland Glasgow, Scotland
victory 47-3 (1) United Kingdom Julius Francis WHO 2 (10), 1:03 2000-01-29 England Manchester, England
NC 46-3 (1) U.S Orlin Norris Withdrawal 1 (10), 3:00 1999-10-23 U.S Las Vegas, NV
victory 46-3 South Africa Francois Botha KO 5 (10), 2:59 1999-01-16 U.S Las Vegas, NV
Defeat 45-3 U.S Evander Holyfield Disqualification 3 (12) 1997-06-28 U.S Las Vegas, NV
Defeat 45-2 U.S Evander Holyfield WHO 11 (12), 0:37 1996-11-09 U.S Las Vegas, NV
victory 45-1 U.S Bruce Seldon WHO 1 (12), 1:49 1996-09-07 U.S Las Vegas, NV
victory 44-1 United Kingdom Frank Bruno WHO 3 (12), 0:50 1996-03-16 U.S Las Vegas, NV
victory 43-1 U.S Buster Mathis, Jr. KO 3 (12), 2:32 1995-12-16 U.S Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
victory 42-1 U.S Peter McNeeley Disqualification 1 (10) 1995-08-19 U.S Las Vegas, NV
victory 41-1 Canada Donovan Ruddock Decision (unanimous) 12 1991-06-28 U.S Las Vegas, NV
victory 40-1 Canada Donovan Ruddock WHO 7 (12), 2:22 1991-03-18 U.S Las Vegas, NV
victory 39-1 United Kingdom Alex Stewart KO 1 (10), 2:27 1990-12-08 U.S Atlantic City, NJ
victory 38-1 U.S Henry Tillman KO 1 (10), 2:47 1990-06-16 U.S Las Vegas, NV
Defeat 37-1 U.S James “Buster” Douglas KO 10 (12) 1990-02-11 Japan Tokyo, Japan
victory 37-0 U.S Carl Williams WHO 1 (12), 1:33 1989-07-21 U.S Atlantic City, NJ
victory 36-0 United Kingdom Frank Bruno WHO 5 (12), 2:55 1989-02-25 U.S Las Vegas, NV
victory 35-0 U.S Michael Spinks KO 1 (12), 1:31 1988-06-27 U.S Atlantic City, NJ
victory 34-0 U.S Tony Tubbs WHO 2 (12), 2:54 1988-03-21 Japan Tokyo, Japan
victory 33-0 U.S Larry Holmes WHO 4 (12), 2:55 1988-01-22 U.SAtlantic City, NJ
victory 32-0 U.S Tyrell Biggs WHO 7 (12), 2:59 1987-10-16 U.S Atlantic City, NJ
victory 31-0 U.S Tony Tucker Decision (unanimous) 12 1987-08-01 U.S} Las Vegas, NV
victory 30-0 U.S Pinklon Thomas WHO 6 (12), 2:00 1987-05-30 U.S Las Vegas, NV
victory 29-0 U.S James Smith Decision (unanimous) 12 1987-03-07 U.S Las Vegas, NV
victory 28-0 Jamaica Trevor Berbick WHO 2 (12), 2:35 1986-11-22 U.S Las Vegas, NV
victory 27-0 U.S Alonzo Ratliff KO 2 (10), 1:41 1986-09-06 U.S Las Vegas, NV
victory 26-0 Cuba José Ribalta WHO 10 (10), 1:23 1986-08-17 U.S Atlantic City, NJ
victory 25-0 U.S Marvis Frazier KO 1 (10), 0:30 1986-07-26 U.S Glens Falls, NY
victory 24-0 U.S Lorenzo Boyd KO 2 (10), 1:43 1986-07-11 U.S Swan Lake, NY
victory 23-0 U.S William Hosea KO 1 (10), 2:03 1986-06-28 U.S Troy, NY
victory 22-0 U.S Reggie Gross WHO 1 (10), 2:36 1986-06-13 U.S New York City, NY
victory 21-0 U.S Mitch Green Decision 10 1986-05-20 U.S New York City, NY
victory 20-0 U.S James Tillis Decision 10 1986-05-09 U.S Glens Falls, NY
victory 19-0 U.S Steve Zouski KO 3 (10), 2:39 1986-03-10 U.S Uniondale, NY
victory 18-0 U.S Jesse Ferguson DQ 6 (10), 1:19 1986-02-16 U.S Troy, NY
victory 17-0 U.S Mike Jameson WHO 5 (8), 0:46 1986-01-24 U.S Atlantic City, NJ
victory 16-0 U.S David Jaco WHO 1 (10), 2:16 1986-01-11 U.S Albany, NY
victory 15-0 U.S Mark Young KO 1, 0:50 1985-12-27 U.S Latham, NY
victory 14-0 U.S Sammy Scaff KO 1 (10), 1:19 1985-12-06 U.S New York City, NY
victory 13-0 Canada Conroy Nelson KO 2 1985-11-22 U.S Latham, NY
victory 12-0 U.S Eddie Richardson KO 1, 1:17 1985-11-13 U.S Houston, TX
victory 11-0 Trinidad e Tobago Sterling Benjamin WHO 1, 0:54 1985-11-01 U.S Latham, NY
victory 10-0 U.S Robert Colay KO 1 (8), 0:37 1985-10-25 U.S Atlantic City, NJ
victory 9-0 U.S Donnie Long KO 1 (6), 1:28 1985-10-09 U.S Atlantic City, NJ
victory 8-0 U.S Michael Johnson KO 1 (6), 0:39 1985-09-05 U.S Atlantic City, NJ
victory 7-0 U.S Lorenzo Canady WHO 1 (6), 1:05 1985-08-15 U.S Atlantic City, NJ
victory 6-0 U.S Larry Sims KO 3 (6), 2:04 1985-07-19 U.S Poughkeepsie, NY
victory 5-0 U.S John Alderson WHO 2 (6) 1985-07-11 U.S Atlantic City, NJ
victory 4-0 U.S Ricardo Spain KO 1 (6), 0:39 1985-06-20 U.S Atlantic City, NJ
victory 3-0 U.S Don Halpin KO 4 (4) 1985-05-23 U.S Albany, NY
victory 2-0 U.S Trent Singleton WHO 1 (4), 0:53 1985-04-10 U.S Albany, NY
victory 1-0 Puerto Rico Hector Mercedes WHO 1 (4), 1:47 1985-03-06 U.S Albany, NY

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