Seth Macfarlane Net Worth

Seth Macfarlane Net Worth Is $200 Million

Seth Woodbury MacFarlane (Kent, 26 of October 1973 ) is an actor, voice actor, animator, writer, comedian, producer, director and singer American. Seth Macfarlane Net Worth Is $200 Million. Seth is known for being the inventor of the animated series Family Guy (1999-present), as well as being the co-creator of American Dad! (2005-present) moreover, The Cleveland Show (2009-2013), series of which Seth dubs several of the characters.

Seth Macfarlane Net Worth

Seth Macfarlane Net Worth

Born in Kent, Connecticut, he graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, where he studied animation, earning a bachelor ‘s degree in Fine Arts. Seth was one of Hanna-Barbera’s animators, and writers for several of the company’s television programs, including Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, Dexter’s Laboratory and I Am Weasel, before creating his series for 20th Century Fox in 1999, called the Family Guy. After that, he became the co-creator of American Dad! in 2005 and The Cleveland Show in 2009, for theFOX. Seth went on to work as executive producer on Fox’s The Winner series.

As an actor, he made appearances in such series as Gilmore Girls, The War at Home and FlashForward. He is interested in science fiction and fantasy, which led him to make small guest appearances in Star Trek: Enterprise and as a character voice actor Johann Kraus in Hellboy II: The Golden Army, of Guillermo del Toro. In 2008, Seth founded his own YouTube series entitled Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy. As a singer, he has shown in several venues including Royal Albert Hall and Carnegie Hall.

MacFarlane has conquered many awards for his work on Family Guy, including two Primetime Emmy Awards and an Annie Award. In 2009, he won the Webby Award. For several years, the Family Guy animation has come under criticism from television watchdog groups such as the Parents’ Council for Television, which regularly condemns the program for its alleged “indecency.” He occasionally lectures at universities and colleges across the United States, as well as being a proponent of gay rights and marijuana legalization.

In an episode of the American program Conan, which aired on February 10, 2011, it announced that it was directing its first comedy film, called Ted. The film stars Mark Wahlberg as an adult who, as a child, wanted his teddy bear to come to life. MacFarlane dubbed and captured the bear’s movements. The film was released on June 29, 2012. The sequel, Ted 2, was published in 2015. Seth hosted the 85th ceremony of the Oscar on 24 February 2013.

Seth Macfarlane Biography

Seth Woodbury MacFarlane grew up in the city of Kent, Connecticut. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design Fine Arts where he studied animation. Recruited in Hollywood at a Film Festival “Seniors” by Executive Produce Ellen Cockrill and producer Fred Seibert, he was host and screenwriter for Hanna-Barbera in many television series, including Johnny Bravo, Cléo and Chico, The Laboratory Dexter, Mr. Weasel, and his debut of The Griffin series: Larry and Steve.

Seth McFarlane is best known for being the creator of the Les Griffin ( Family Guy ) series. This series, launched in 1999, has lasted more than 14 seasons (although temporarily canceled between 2003 and 2005), it is broadcast on the Fox, alongside the other major animated series of the chain: The Simpson. MacFarlane is very involved in its operation, doubling itself several main characters. The series stands out for its corrosive humor and criticism of American society through a family of average Americans.

In 2005, the new series began MacFarlane, always on the Fox 10 seasons (from the 11 the season in the fall of 2014, the show will air on TBS ). This is American Dad! , the satire on politics and other corporate topics with his characters, deliberately caricatures (MacFarlane doubles the main character Stan Smith, Republican and neo-conservative to the extreme). In 2009, The Cleveland Show was launched, derived series of Griffin, based on the African-American character of Cleveland Brown. The show will be broadcast on the Fox from 2009 to 2013, despite the mixed reception of critics.

In 2012, MacFarlane embarked on the filmmaking comedy Ted, the story of a teddy bear that comes to life but is more vulgar and subversive than its appearance suggests. MacFarlane co-wrote the screenplay and double Ted, Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg are also present. The film is a big hit at the box office, with a correct critical reception (humor is appreciated, the romantic story-less).

The 24 février 2013, he presents the 85th Academy Awards. A controversial presentation because of his decried performance. The same year, he created his second live series (the first, in 2007, The Winners, was a failure), the sitcom Dads. The critical reception was catastrophic; the series lasted only one season. Seth Macfarlane Net Worth Is about $200 Million.

On June 19, 2013, we found Seth in the role of Seth MacFarlane himself in the movie My Movie Project, a film produced by Peter Farrelly and composed of several skits each directed by a different director. Seth MacFarlane plays several scenes between two sketches.

In 2014, second production with Albert to the west ( A Million Ways to Die West ) comedy burlesque and absurd in the Far West. MacFarlane signs the screenplay and plays the title role, accompanied by Charlize Theron and Liam Neeson. The box office results will be disappointing, due to the abysmal critical reception.

He then developed the sequel to Ted, Ted 2, which came out in 2015.

Seth Macfarlane Privacy

Interview with The Daily Princetonian 2004, MacFarlane found similarities to Griffin’s Griffin’s Griffin, revealing that he had the same type of difficulty as the character, “in search of the right person,” but “dates like the world.” In 2012, Seth MacFarlane out for six months with the British actress Emilia Clarke, star of the series Game of Thrones he is a fan before the break and remain friends after their separation.

On July 16, 2010, MacFarlane’s mother, Ann Perry Sager, died after a long battle with cancer. His death was reported by Larry King on his show Larry King Live, who admitted to discussing with her, during an interview with his son in May 2010.

Seth Macfarlane Filmography

Seth Macfarlane as Actor

  • 1995 : The Life of Larry (en) : Seth MacFarlane / Larry Cummings / Steve / Lois Cummings / Man in underwear / Captain Kirk / M.. Spock / Sulu / Ensign Skippee / le britannique / Jeremy / Tom Hanks / Alex Trebek / prêcheur / God ((voix)
  • 1996 : Larry & Steve (en) : Larry / Steve / Old Man / Pilote / Ricky / Redneck / Scottsman / Kid in Pound (voix)
  • 2005 : American Dad! : Stan Smith / Roger
  • 2005 : Griffin and Stewie Griffin’s Incredible Story (video): Stewie Griffin / Peter Griffin / Brian Griffin / Glen Quagmire / Tom Tucker / additional voices
  • 2008 : Hellboy II: Guillermo del Toro’s Golden Legions ( Hellboy II: The Golden Army )  : Johann Kraus (voice)
  • 2009 : You will take a last green? ( Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder ) of Peter Avanzino  (in) and David X. Cohen  : The singer Mars Vegas
  • 2009 : Flashforward (television series) by David S. Goyer and Brannon Braga
  • 2009-2013 : The Cleveland Show : Tim l’Ours
  • 2010 : Fairy in spite of himself  : Ziggy
  • 2012 : Ted : Ted (voix)
  • 2013 : My Movie Project
  • 2014 : Albert à l’ouest (A Million Ways to Die in the West) : Albert
  • 2015 : Ted 2 : Ted (voix)
  • 2016 : All on stage ( Sing ) by Garth Jennings: Mike (voice)
  • 2017 : Logan Lucky de Steven Soderbergh
  • 2017 : The Orville  : Ed Mercer, captain of the spaceship “Orville”

Seth Macfarlane As a Writer

  • 1995 : The Life of Larry (en)
  • 1996 : Larry & Steve (en)
  • 1996 : Jungle Cubs ( Jungle Cubs ) (TV series)
  • 1996 : Ace Ventura (TV series)
  • 1997 : The Dexter Laboratory (TV series)
  • 1997 : Cléo and Chico (TV series)
  • 1997 : Johnny Bravo (TV series)
  • 1998 : Zoomates (it)
  • 2005 : American Dad!
  • 2009 : Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy  (in) (released only on YouTube )
  • 2009 : The Cleveland Show (TV series)
  • 2012 : Ted co-written with Alec Sulkin  (in) and Wellesley Wild  (en)
  • 2014 : Albert à l’ouest (A Million Ways to Die in the West)
  • 2015 : Ted 2

Seth Macfarlane As Director

  • 1993 : The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show  (en) (TV series)
  • 1995 : The Life of Larry (en)
  • 1996 : Larry & Steve (en)
  • 1998 : Zoomates (it)
  • 2005 : American Dad! (television series)
  • 2012 : Ted
  • 2014 : Albert à l’ouest (A Million Ways to Die in the West)
  • 2015 : Ted 2
  • 2017 : The Orville

Seth Macfarlane As Producer

  • 1999 : The Griffin ( Family Guy ) (TV series)
  • 2005 : American Dad! (television series)
  • 2005 : Family Guy Presents: Stewie Griffin – cross rods (vidéo)
  • 2009 : The Cleveland Show (TV series)
  • 2012 : Ted avec Jason Clark, John Jacobs, Scott Stuber (en) et Wellesley Wild (en)
  • 2014 : Albert to the west with Jason Clark and Scott Stuber  (en)
  • 2014 : Cosmos: An Odyssey Across the Universe
  • 2015 : Ted 2
  • 2017 : The Orville

Seth Macfarlane As editor

  • 1995 : The Life of Larry (en)

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