PewDiePie Net Worth

Pewdiepie Net Worth Is $22 Million.

PewDiePie Net Worth

PewDiePie Net Worth

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (Gothenburg, 24 of October of 1989 ), better known under the online moniker PewDiePie, is an internet comedian and producer of Swedish videos, best known for his comments Let’s Play in their vlogs on YouTube. Pewdiepie Net Worth is about $22 Million.
Felix Kjellberg initially sought to graduate from Chalmers Technical University. In 2010, during his studies, he created the PewDiePie channel on Youtube. The following year, he left the university to focus on the videos, much to his parents’ disgust. Without their support, Felix started working on a hot dog cart to fund his videos and soon began to gather a rapidly growing number of online followers. In 2012, its channel exceeded 1 million subscribers.
Since August 15, 2013, the PewDiePie channel has become the channel with the most registered on YouTube, being briefly exceeded in November and December 2013 by the Youtube Spotlight channel. Maintaining its position since December 22, 2013, the channel reached more than 51 million subscribers in December 2016, becoming the first channel in the world to receive the Rubi Plate. His most recent record was in January 2018 when he reached 60 million subscribers. In July 2014, the channel overtook RihannaVEVO to become the channel with the most views of all time and, from December 2016, the channel received more than 14 billion video views.
Felix refers to his fan base as “Bro Army” (Army of Hands), and to his fans as “Bros” (Hands). Through Bro Army, PewDiePie has raised money for charity. However, about its income, PewDiePie has been the center of controversy, since it publicly repudiates news that focuses only on its gains. Claiming that his happiness has not increased since he began to earn more, PewDiePie also likes the idea of fame, and more specifically, that he be famous.
Despite this, due to its popularity, its indie game coverage has created an effect that drives the sale of the exposed titles. Personally, he chose to have an anonymous and reserved life in Brighton with his girlfriend and also youtube Marzia Bisognin.
The symbol of his channel is the “Brofist” (Fist of the Hands), the fist closed in the form of a punch to touch those of his fans, in fulfillment.

Pewdiepie’s Biography

PewDiePie, born Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden. He is the son of Lotta Kristine Johanna (born May 7, 1958) and Ulf Christian Kjellberg (born January 8, 1957), and also grew up with his sister, Fanny. Her mother Johanna, a former IT director at the clothing chain KappAhl in 2010, was elected Chief Information Officer of the year in Sweden. His father, Ulf, is also an executive director of a company. In 2008, Felix graduated from Göteborgs Högre Samskola. He then pursued a degree in Industrial Economics and Technology Management at Chalmers Technical University but left university to focus on his career on YouTube. On that decision, PewDiePie stated, “Thinking about it now, it was absurd. To attend industrial economics at Chalmers you need high grades, but somehow I was happier selling hot dogs and making my video games. ”

Pewdiepie’s Channel format

The Kjellberg channel focuses on their comments and reactions to various games while playing them. He is known for the horror and action gameplay, with Five Night’s at Freddy’s being the most notable. In 2014, he began playing more often games that interested him, and horror or not. Its channel also supports independent developers of games, providing free product disclosure during gameplay and a significant sales incentive. Since September 2, 2011, are posted weekly vlogs where the youtube establishes a closeness to their fans. These vlogs are titled “Fridays With PewDiePie.”
Typically, it ends your videos with a “Brofist.”

PewDiePie Videographer’s career

PewDiePie first registered on YouTube under the name of Pewdie. However, after having forgotten his password, he creates on April 29, 2010, a new account named PewDiePie
His channel offers videos of comments and reactions to the games tested. His fear and the cries he utters, as well as his way of playing, have made his reputation.
August 29, 2014, he announces in his video “Goodbye Forever Comments” the final closure of the comments below his videos. He explained that he had had enough of spam posted by users, provocative messages and the gloomy atmosphere that prevailed 9. However, at the end of 2014, some comments were posted after this closure, and then their number increased. Initially sullen, they became more and more positive as PewDiePie’s videos regained their humor. Shortly after, comments were reactivated by PewDiePie.
In 2014, the annual profits of his company PewDiePie Productions amounted to 7.4 million euros, against 4 million euros in 2013.
He makes many videos with other videographers. He made some videos with CutiePieMarzia, his girlfriend, on his channel or that of Marzia. He launches, at the end of 2015-beginning of 2016, his own game where we find some of his youtube friends, his dogs and his companion who helps him to advance in his quest. The game is called PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist. A second game called PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator is out in September 2016 on mobile.
December 8, 2016, PewDiePie announces it will remove its chain to 17 am the next day after spending the 50 million subscribers. He accuses Youtube of wanting to “kill his channel” by automatically unsubscribing certain accounts and by not “appearing (new) videos of [his] channel.” He finally announced in a video posted on 9 to 17 pm it was a hoax, not having removed a secondary chain containing only two videos. Pewdiepie Net Worth is round about $22 Million.

PewDiePie Salary

PewDiePie announces it won more than six million euros in 2014. In 2016, according to Forbes magazine, he would have earned $15 million. He is thus on the top step of the podium of the highest paid web video makers. Pewdiepie Net Worth is about $22 Million.

Video game and book

Kjellberg has long-held aspirations to launch his own video game, and in December 2014 he revealed to his fans that he would be collaborating with Outerminds, an independent Canadian video game developer, to make a PewDiePie themed game, asking for ideas for its subscribers.
Then in April 2015, PewDiePie posted a video that had been revealed that the game would be titled PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist – a 2D Platform Game that includes himself as a playable character, his pugs, and his girlfriend Marzia as a character playable. Colleagues YouTubers like CinnamonToastKen, JackSepticEye, and Markiplier also perform as roles in the game. The game carries references to the characters and inside jokes of PewDiePie videos on YouTube, such as barrels, wolves and the Illuminati. The game was released on September 24, 2015, on iOS devices, Android, and probably for PC. The design and gameplay are based on an earlier indie game called PewDiePie’s Paradise Island also made by Outerminds and played by PewDiePie himself. It also has its PewDiePie Tuber Simulator simulator.

In June 2015, it was announced that Kjellberg would have a book entitled This Book Loves You, published by Penguin Group’s Razorbill. The book is a collection of aphorisms, black jokes, and wisdom paired with visuals.

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