Lori Greiner Net Worth

Lori Greiner Net Worth Is about $55 Million

Lori Greiner (December 9, 1969) is an American investor, entrepreneur, and television personality. Lori Greiner Net Worth Is about $55 Million. She is best known for being part of the team of investors (sharks) in the television program ” Shark Tank “. Nicknamed “The Queen of QVC” She has also appeared in her complementary series ” Beyond the Tank “. Since 1998, he has had a program at QVC called ” The Show of Unique and Intelligent Creations “. She is also a director and founder of the Chicago- based company, ” For Your Ease Only, Inc. ” which she established in 1996 which conducts product development and marketing. He helped launch more than 400 products and held 120 US and international patents.

Lori Greiner’s Early life

Greiner grew up in Near North Side, Chicago, the second daughter of a contracting father and a mother psychologist. Lori Greiner parents divorced when he was nine years old. He holds a Master’s degree in Communications, specializing in journalism, television, and filmmaking at Loyola University Chicago, and has worked for the Chicago Tribune while attending college.

Lori Greiner’s Race

Greiner created a chest to organize pending which he later patented. With the money, they lent him he created a sample product that was chosen by JC Penney before the holiday season. Eighteen months later, with the product, he says, “he made his August.”

In 2012, Greiner joined the Shark Tank show. In 2014, your investment in “Scrub Daddy”, a revolutionary product that consists of a scouring pad that changes the texture (the material is rigid in cold water but soft in medium and high temperatures), is considered your most successful investment. October On July 30, 2014, sold in QVC over 2 million sponges in one single day. On April 30, 2016, ScrubDaddy won the award for “the greatest success story in Shark Tank” with sales exceeding 75 million dollars.

Lori Greiner Net Worth

Lori Greiner Net Worth

Other investments you have made in Shark Tank include: Squatty Potty, Readerest, Paint Brush Cover, Control Your Haunches, Drop Stop, FiberFix, and Screenmend.

She was a speaker at the First Symposium on Entrepreneurship In 2011, Patents, Trademarks and Women Entrepreneurs of the United States.

In March of 2014 Greiner published the book “Invent It, Sell It, Bank It !: Make Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality” , (Make it up, sell it, and stack it up. Make your million-dollar idea a reality) which achieved third place in the list of ‘bestsellers’ of the Wall Street Journal .

Lori Greiner’s Personal life

She is married to Daniel Greiner, a former controller of Bell & Howell before becoming manager of the finances of his wife’s company, “For Your Ease Only, Inc.

Lori Greiner Inspiration Quotes


  1. “A brilliant idea doesn’t guarantee a successful invention. Real magic comes from a brilliant idea combined with willpower, tenacity, and a willingness to make mistakes.” Lori Greiner


  1. “You are wise when you listen, especially to people with experience.” Lori Greiner


  1. “There’s something the same about success and defeat. Both should make you want to work harder.” Lori Greiner


  1. “I roll out of bed in the morning whenever I want, and I work right away because to me, that’s the life. That’s freedom. The whole point for me is that I love the freedom of being an entrepreneur that I do what I want to do when I want to do it.” Lori Greiner


  1. “Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week.” Lori Greiner


  1. “I always recommend, if you can, to patent or protect whatever your idea is.” Lori Greiner


  1. “I’ve always believed you hire character and train skill.” Lori Greiner


  1. “I had a history for starting something and maybe getting halfway done. Then I’d see the same thing I was doing on the bestseller list. My ideas were right, but I hadn’t them fast enough.” Lori Greiner


  1. “In business, it is most often all about getting your foot in the door and once you do, everything opens up and things start to naturally progress into bigger and more opportunities. ” Lori Greiner


  1. “There are no no’s, just how can I. You can attain any goal you set out to accomplish. The power of believing in yourself and perseverance goes a long way! There’s always a solution to every challenge.” Lori Greiner


  1. “I have an innate instinct for knowing what’s going to work.” Lori Greiner


  1. “Know your product or business idea and show it quickly.” Lori Greiner


  1. “Be confident and respectful.” Lori Greiner


  1. “Be the kind of person that people will want to work with.” Lori Greiner


  1. “Your success will have everything to do with how you perceive yourself, because how you perceive yourself is how others will perceive you, too.” Lori Greiner


  1. “I started from just an idea.” Lori Greiner


  1. “People trust I know what I’m doing. I have lots of credibility. I’ve had years of learning. I know and understand my business.” Lori Greiner


  1. “I learned that nobody’s better than you at getting your business off the ground. The experience you get is priceless.” Lori Greiner


  1. “I can tell instantly if it’s a hero or a zero.” Lori Greiner


  1. “Entrepreneurs tend to be very driven, risk takers, confident, and tenacious. They don’t give up and will find another way to keep driving ahead.” Lori Greiner


  1. “I think people don’t like when you’re not confident about what you’re pitching, and they don’t want to invest in you or get behind you.” Lori Greiner


  1. “I’ve achieved a certain amount of success and now I’m thinking about the good things I can do.” Lori Greiner


  1. “Reach for the stars; you might catch one.” Lori Greiner


  1. “It’s a fine line, but if you don’t jump out to do something you’ll never get there.” Lori Greiner


  1. “Never be afraid to be who you are.” Lori Greiner


  1. “You can make anything happen if you put your mind to it.” Lori Greiner


  1. “You need to pave your own way in the world.” Lori Greiner


  1. “Knowledge is power, especially when starting your own company. Educate yourself in what you’ll need to know” Lori Greiner


  1. “Hire prudently, go slow and don’t go overboard.” Lori Greiner


  1. “I like helping people.” Lori Greiner


  1. “There is nobody who will drive your business like you.” Lori Greiner


  1. “When I had challenges, it taught me to be more on top of it for the future. Things go wrong all the time when you’re running your own business, but it’s how you perceive it and deal with it that matters.” Lori Greiner


  1. “I prefer to like the people I invest in, but it’s not an absolute necessity, as long as they have a good mind and I know they’ll do whatever it takes to be successful.” Lori Greiner


  1. “The greatest accomplishment in life isn’t what you’re paid, it’s who you become.” Lori Greiner


  1. “As an entrepreneur, you can always find a solution if you try hard enough.” Lori Greiner

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